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Some quality stuff here

I love the complete 180 this takes

The timing in this is amazing

I didn't think I was going to be laughing as hard as I was at this, it manages to take the same joke and do it several times without getting old, that's not only done very rarely but is incredibly hard to do.

Great work on this, I'm gonna recommend it to all my friends!

Pretty good

Hands down the best work in this is the FBF animation and character art. There's a lot of expression there.
Some of the environments seemed fairly basic with the exception of the ice cavern but with the animation style it's hard to get around that.

My biggest complaint is some of the humor in the first segment seemed a bit bland, it was based mostly on awkward pauses it seemed until things really got going.
The reference to beating shadow link with din's fire was pretty good, I dunno about everyone else but that was just the only way I could manage to beat that A-hole in the actual game.

Also, I feel like if you never played the games some of the humor might fall flat, but it worked for what it was.
I'd bitch about not getting to see the boss fight with the water boss (i forget the name, Morph something) but I can imagine with the amount of art going into it, (plus water tendrils being hard to animate in and of themselves) that such a thing would be nearly impossible to present without taking 3 years to animate it so I won't judge on that.

Overall great work!

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Maybe a bit to simple

you'll want to put a simple screen before the loader (the loader itself takes a bit to load and for some reason on my own computer it just shows a white screen for a few seconds. this happens sometimes and you need a pre-loader loader, just some kinda splash screen that most people won't see unless they have slower computers. if you leave it, people may think the flash is broken and vote 0)

Also, i noticed the game doesn't change much as it progresses, you could have different sorts of enemies spawn up in later levels, if it does do this, i apologize, i'm just in a hurry.

also, the difficulty may be ramping up fast enough. after a few minutes of gameplay it's not much harder than it was at the start

qkilsdonk responds:

Thanks you for your review. I can use all your suggestion! :D

I actually really liked this

have to be fair though, the graphics could use work, and when you lose you should have the option to start again.

Also, you should set the terrain map (where you build the towers and all) to fit the grid a little better, so that it's easier to know where you can build, and you can build towers ontop of another.
Setting up a grid system where each tower has it's own square, that has a variable check inside of it to know if there's already a tower or not may solve that problem, unless it's totall intentional.

I think you could make some really good tower D games in the future if you keep at it. (i'm a sucker for tower games like this, ... lol)

twas fun! but noisy...

I enjoyed it, though the difficulty ramp seems kinda strange, the machine guns seem to be the most useful but i didn't get to the further weapons either.

it's also very very noisy, you may wanna numb the sounds down a little, and add more SFX to things hitting buildings

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pretty good

Nice use of instruments, but I felt like the bass might have been to heavy in places, it was overpowering of everything else

FlaggedOnArrival responds:

Thanks for the review Xiphon.

definately more frantic

which is a good thing, it speaks a bit more as to what's going on and the notes feel more on key as it swings up and down a little more extreme.

I really like the resonating sort of feel that it has, as well. It feels a little more metalic which matches up well with the lightning charged sword fight going on,
i need to get this boss done and put a demo up cause it's pretty good so far

Skipping over Nebulae

I really like the space-age feel to this, it just feels high and stary, and I always love it when composers work in a common theme to their work, I recognized the main theme you have in here from a couple of your other works combined with the new instruments and stuff,

Portions of it feel very uplifting, while it still leads into that edgy sort of dangerous side as well,
I like it

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Hmmmm... i can guess a few of these, but is that the sandworm from Wonders of the Universe in the second row? I can't think of any other sandworms that have been tunneling around NG in the last year x_x

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