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Crystal Crunch 1.0 Crystal Crunch 1.0

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Maybe a bit to simple

you'll want to put a simple screen before the loader (the loader itself takes a bit to load and for some reason on my own computer it just shows a white screen for a few seconds. this happens sometimes and you need a pre-loader loader, just some kinda splash screen that most people won't see unless they have slower computers. if you leave it, people may think the flash is broken and vote 0)

Also, i noticed the game doesn't change much as it progresses, you could have different sorts of enemies spawn up in later levels, if it does do this, i apologize, i'm just in a hurry.

also, the difficulty may be ramping up fast enough. after a few minutes of gameplay it's not much harder than it was at the start

qkilsdonk responds:

Thanks you for your review. I can use all your suggestion! :D

Godly Tower Defence 2.5 Godly Tower Defence 2.5

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I actually really liked this

have to be fair though, the graphics could use work, and when you lose you should have the option to start again.

Also, you should set the terrain map (where you build the towers and all) to fit the grid a little better, so that it's easier to know where you can build, and you can build towers ontop of another.
Setting up a grid system where each tower has it's own square, that has a variable check inside of it to know if there's already a tower or not may solve that problem, unless it's totall intentional.

I think you could make some really good tower D games in the future if you keep at it. (i'm a sucker for tower games like this, ... lol)

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Legitimate TD Legitimate TD

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

twas fun! but noisy...

I enjoyed it, though the difficulty ramp seems kinda strange, the machine guns seem to be the most useful but i didn't get to the further weapons either.

it's also very very noisy, you may wanna numb the sounds down a little, and add more SFX to things hitting buildings

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Bubble Poppers Deluxe Bubble Poppers Deluxe

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hey this wasn't bad

granted it's been done many times, but the graphics were smooth and had their own little nice twists.

the only real complaint i have is yeah, the balls don't fall once you isolate em, and the ones you shoot move kinda slow,
but other than that it wasn't bad at all.

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Boing ball Boing ball

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I thought it was pretty good

needs a sound effects and graphics boost though, and if your able to go off screen, itd be nife if there was an arrow or something saying so, i got stuck once or twice cause i didn't know you could move off the screen in a certain direction.

G-C responds:

Thanks for the review.

Vermilion Vermilion

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I thought this was a pretty good start. If you increased the FPS (Which can be changed from the modify document menu) this would be pretty good. The missiles really need to move faster, by the time they reached where I wanted to shoot them, the target had already moved away.

Everything just generally moved to slowly, maybe thats a problem with my computer, but I doubt it seeing as I've played just about every other game and watched every movy here and they all run just fine.

ChromeShark responds:

The FPS was at 30, that's very high. At max stats the missles and things actually do move very fast, maybe I should have had them start out a bit faster. Anyway thanks for the good score.