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Episode 2 Momentum

2017-08-01 17:44:55 by Xiphon

Toll of the Lost episode2 has begun momentum. I had wanted to have the script finished completely before ep1 was ever launched, but it was a much more complex script than I had anticipated and took a bit longer to pull together. However, I'm sitting on the finalist draft I can be sitting on and things are starting to roll forward.

This is always an odd part of these sorts of things, the transition from pre-production into production. Really it's the same for any transition in the process, suddenly after a period of nothing much happening, everything happens all at once.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'll be streaming production on my youtube channel ( for anyone interested who doesn't mind spoilers! Stay tuned.

Hello again

2017-07-24 21:06:51 by Xiphon

I guess I should write another post here considering it's been.. FIVE YEARS!? HOLY CRAP.



Whatever. I"m working on things. There should be new episodes of Toll of the Lost to come in the future, along with streams on youtube ( and clips and stuff. I tend to keep updates on my twitter as well (@thecaseymobile as always) So basically just keep an eye out!


As always, you can support me on Patreon (it's always appreciated and needed)

What on earth!?

2012-04-18 06:10:38 by Xiphon

That's right Newgrounds, I'm still here. Though I guess that's obvious if you've been following Toonwerks, but whatever. I'm still working on a few projects of my own, including the Canthos game (Slow but steady progress there. It's unfortunately taking a back seat to other projects, but I try to get a few things done every week. Fortunately all the coding is finished and that's probably the biggest thing to do next to art, and art is practically my specialty, so... go me?)

I'll make updates as I go, don't worry!

Canthos on new horizons

2011-06-24 16:31:47 by Xiphon

So an update on the game.

Recently my computer fried. Well, was overrun by an army of viruses is more accurate. I'm not sure where they came from but to be honest, I saw the disaster coming and just kept putting off actually doing anything about it.
I've never been in a situation were I need to back things up on an external hard drive or anything, so I didn't.

Long story short, I lost the game entirely.

That's the bad news.
Believe it or not there's a strong upside to this.

Right away I was devastated, but than I knew that the game was inherently flawed in a lot of ways. When I had designed the engine, I knew nothing about game design. I didn't know how to debug things properly, and wasn't aware of a lot of things in AS that really make things better. For example, I didn't use arrays or functions and pretty much used hit tests for everything (there were hit tests inside of hit tests O_O)

So, I took a walk and when I got home I realized that I basically owed it to all my fans to not only pick myself up and finish this thing anyway, but to take this chance to remake it 100x better than before, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

I've already finished recoding the physics engine with some help from experienced coders.
Collisions are much more accurate now, the controls are way more responsive, the game flows incredibly nicely, and it feels more like an actual plat-former more than it ever did before.

Besides physics, I also changed Canthos' size on the screen to be much smaller, so you can see more of the game world around him. This wasn't a noticeable problem from the player's perspective as I designed the levels around that flaw before, but now I can add in another dimension of level design with jumping down onto platforms lower than himself, or puzzles involving things under the character. (not to mention that you'll know for sure now if there's something down a pit)

I also added in a smoother camera that follows the character, so it's not as jumpy, and also by holding shift you can move the camera around to see more of the level.

Enemy AI has also been boosted and they can fall off ledges now, have variable reaction speeds, and interact with the game world.

Another change is i've decided to release it 3 levels at a time to get it out to the public faster.

All in all, it sounds horrible, but work is still moving right along and i think we can expect to see something in the next couple months

Canthos on new horizons

Wonders of the Universe

2011-05-10 07:09:37 by Xiphon

Recently, Toonwerks announced a project it's had in the works for a little while along side 'Legends of the Black Book'.

This one's set in space! And takes place on a cruise liner that travels the universe, daring to relax where no man has relaxed before.

This time the members of Toonwerks split the writing process 3 ways, each tackling the characters we're best at working with, as well as applying our artistic sides towards what we do best as well. For me, this is again background art and set design.

I had the idea for this as a full length film some years ago but never had the ability to really get it off the ground. After discussing things with Toonwerks, we saw it for the true potential it was, as more of a sit-com style series with multiple episodes that dwell on different characters or aspects of the ship. Each episode will only be about half the length of Legends part 1 (about 3-4 minutes) so that we can focus more on art and delivery. We're drawing inspiration from a lot of sources on this one. If it's sci-fi, we've probably got an idea for a way to produce it in this universe.

That's all I'll say for now without spoiling to much, we'll have more updates soon!

Wonders of the Universe

More Canthos

2011-01-11 01:46:35 by Xiphon

I'll be uploading a second demo soon! it'll include everything from the start up to the second boss. It'll even have the tutorial in place.

There has been oodles of updates, i've completely revamped the physics engine and improved the graphics greatly, there's just to many things to list.

It's a shock for me to go back and play the original demo I uploaded, it's practically unplayable with all the bugs and quirky controls... I'm proud to say this is much better now, if even still not exactly where it needs to be.

Stay tuned!

More Canthos

Sunloft Sky redone!

2010-11-12 05:10:07 by Xiphon

I just didn't like the old one. I've learned so much about drawing clouds since making the original that i simply had to update it. The new version unfortunately trumps all the other backgrounds... i'll just have to live with that.

Sunloft Sky redone!

More Canthos!

2010-09-14 03:40:34 by Xiphon

around 70% finished.
there's about 4/7 levels done, and i'm working heavily on the 5th. it's getting there.

also fixed some gameplay issues. I'm wondering if i should put another demo up somehow... i need more beta testers, but I don't want to keep submitting more junk into the portal.. that seems spammy.

anyway, here's a screenshot of the latest level i'm working on!

More Canthos!

Canthos Progress

2010-08-30 06:03:23 by Xiphon

Continued work is being done, recent things:

- Finished Cogwhirl Mill, ready for beta testing on that level
- Began work on Boneshackle Basin
- fixed a bug that caused the background to skip slightly during jumps
- fixed some graphical problems with SilverSin Strip
- Improved the control scheme.

Canthos Progress

Canthos - 65%

2010-07-09 22:17:35 by Xiphon

Recent changes / fixes

- CrystalFall done
- Ice physics further improved, sliding is now much more dynamic and doesn't lock up controls
- Cogwhirl is 50% finished
- Added several types of traps for Cogwhirl, including steam vents, row-saws, and tumbling platforms.
- Started work on SilverSin strip, optimizing and redrawing
- Remapped Attack to A and grapple to D so you no longer have to move your left hand while controll character actions.
- sped up a couple platforms in CrystalFall.
- C'thalas now has 2 arms!!

Canthos - 65%