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November Update

2017-11-17 19:19:04 by Xiphon

Good googily moogily. 

I apologize to everyone i've been moving so slow. I've gotten 2 new jobs in the last couple months and also have moved. It's rather shocking that I've managed to get done what I have done at all (voice recordings, about 2/3rds of the storyboarding done and 2:30 minutes of animation out of the total 15-16 minutes)

I'm also taking a trip out of town over thanksgiving and won't be able to work without my computer, and then Christmas is coming up and who knows what will happen.

All in all I hate this time of year, it's way too busy and ontop of that I've had issues with family, and of course moving / jobs / etc. Things are still on track though and as always I just want everyone to know I'm plowing ahead!


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2017-11-19 05:08:09

Will you work on Episode 2 in Christmas?

Xiphon responds:

Yup! I know the holidays are always hectic, but I don't plan on stopping due to them.