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What on earth!?

2012-04-18 06:10:38 by Xiphon

That's right Newgrounds, I'm still here. Though I guess that's obvious if you've been following Toonwerks, but whatever. I'm still working on a few projects of my own, including the Canthos game (Slow but steady progress there. It's unfortunately taking a back seat to other projects, but I try to get a few things done every week. Fortunately all the coding is finished and that's probably the biggest thing to do next to art, and art is practically my specialty, so... go me?)

I'll make updates as I go, don't worry!


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2012-08-02 04:02:21

Go you!
Been following your stuff here on NG, really great work :D
By the sound of it, the Canthos game wont be finished anytime soon huh...? Anyway, I'm still looking forward to it's release. Looked GREAT last time I saw it :)
Good luck on your further works!



2013-12-31 07:51:11

Dude are you EVER going to make WoW-Shadows Of Azeroth part two? that would be awesome if you would