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Entry #36

Toll of the Lost January Updates

2018-01-23 06:32:33 by Xiphon


Here's some eye-candy from ep2. This is a screenshot straight out of it. I feel bad that I hadn't really gotten started on work on this episode until November last year, but despite having to move, taking trips, and having an ongoing financial crisis with my family, I've managed to get a little over 20% of the entire run-time animated at this point. I apologize for the slow going, know that it's not so much because of my ambition getting the better of me or anything, everything is just moving in bursts. When I'm able to dedicate myself to the work, things move quickly, but it's just been hard to work these last couple months through a lot of drama in my personal life.

That being said, of course, progress! I started incorperating After Effects into my workflow to achieve better lighting, which I've definately done, and it's had the side benefit of allowing me to make things like that massive, tentacled ball of fire on the right. I didn't really intend the quality of the visuals to skyrocket as much as they will have between episodes, but I'm happy with the improvement. I guess thats what happens when you start learning new software.

I'll make sure to keep everyone posted as things move along, and I'll try to keep new screenshots coming!


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