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Episode 2 Momentum

2017-08-01 17:44:55 by Xiphon

Toll of the Lost episode2 has begun momentum. I had wanted to have the script finished completely before ep1 was ever launched, but it was a much more complex script than I had anticipated and took a bit longer to pull together. However, I'm sitting on the finalist draft I can be sitting on and things are starting to roll forward.

This is always an odd part of these sorts of things, the transition from pre-production into production. Really it's the same for any transition in the process, suddenly after a period of nothing much happening, everything happens all at once.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'll be streaming production on my youtube channel ( for anyone interested who doesn't mind spoilers! Stay tuned.


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2017-08-02 15:18:04

Looking forward to it! Will be staying spoiler free, though.;)

Xiphon responds:

That is of course always a problem with livestreaming progress. It will be FULL of spoilers, there's not really a way around it. I'll try keep clips and teasers and other material rolling around though so those that prefer to avoid it.